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There is an age old thought that Firefighters and Police Officers can't get along - well we proved everyone wrong and broke the mold!

On Tuesday, October 6th at the Kowloon Restaurant, The Saugus Police Patrol Officer's Union in partnership with the

Saugus Firefighters Union Local 1003 presented to the Saugus community "Saugus Badges For A Cure!".


This event was centered around the fight against Breast Cancer and the overwhelming need to find a cure.

From comedians to raffles to delicious Chinese food and drink, the night was nothing short of a success.

We would like to once again thank Saugus Firefighters Local 1003 for teaming up with us for the first time and making it a huge success! We would also like to thank our members, Officer Matt Donahue and Domenic Montano for your hard work and dedication towards reaching the community as always.

Thank you to

Saugus Police Department Chief Michael Ricciardelli and

Town of Saugus Fire Dept Chief Michael Newbury for supporting us to bring awareness to Breast Cancer Awareness - it simply doesn't happen without your support and help.

We will continue to help raise donations and awareness for those warriors in this fight against #BreastCancer

To make a donation, go to the Saugus Badges For A Cure Shop:

Stay in the fight ... we’ve got your six!!


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